Our Vision

In Mountain of Zion all nation life church is to bring the kingdom of God  into reality. We are called to convince all nations & kingdoms that there is eternal life in the kingdom of God. We do prophecy, deliverance, miracles and wonders by the power of God through grace. We are sent to rescue those that are stolen by the devil and bring them to the kingdom of light. We rescue those that fall into the kingdom of darkness unwilling and bring them to the kingdom of God by grace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the captives free from bondages through deliverance, prayer and interceeding continually without season. We as Mountain of Zion all nations life church we took over from where our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ left over and we are continuing with the gospel of peace. We in Mountain of Zion all nation life church welcome as many who come to be set free from bondages 

General Overseer of Mountain of Zion all nation Life Church

Prophetic ministry founder established by senior prophet Kingsley omonosa & blessing omonosa in year 2005 in Benin city Edo state Nigeria 
I started preaching from one market to another, from one location to another, from one city to another people started believing in God by power   
of God being demonstrated by me. I move from one country to another country. I started again preaching in Ghana from there l moved to Guinea Republic from there l moved to Mali. I moved down to Liberia the power of God was still at work in high level the sick got healed, the blind see, for those who cannot walk started walking by the of God. I moved down to South Africa again after my first time of visiting l started ministry the sick got healed and the captives got free from bondages